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Sanders Gives Cold Shoulder To Trump’s Shower of Love

sandersDonald Trump is one crafty politician. Now that he has practically captured the Republican nomination, he has his orange Oompa Loompa colored face pointed at Bernie supporters. Gaining their favor is Trump’s next glorious conquest. Maybe because Trump knew he wouldn’t be facing Bernie in an election, his middle school playground rhetoric has always been much softer towards Bernie than Hillary.

Trump even said in an MSNBC interview:
Bernie Sanders has a message that’s interesting. I’m going to be taking a lot of the things Bernie said and using them.According to Trump advisers, once Sanders is out, Trump is preparing proposals to entice Sanders supporters.

Statistically, democrats are more educated than Republicans hence, it takes a lot more to bamboozle a democrat. More so, the typical Bernie supporter is well educated. Trump could gain the Arkansas pig farmer’s vote by waving a picture of a wall in front of his face, not so easy with the college crowd. According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, among Sanders’ supporters, only 13% of them view Trump favorably, and 86% unfavorably.

Despite the differences between the followings that the two politicians have amassed, both of them are mad as hell with the establishment. Both of them contend that the system prevents the lower and middle class from elevating.

Marina Coddaire is a registered Democrat and supports Bernie. Recently, she attended a Trump rally. She claimed to CNN that curiosity lured her there. After listening to Trump, she said,

“I feel that the core of both what Bernie’s movement is and Trump’s movement is, is the same. This anti-establishment being upset with the way that our government has been run and how the mistakes that they’ve made have really damaged the middle class and have disenfranchised them.”

Coddaire said she would definitely not vote for Clinton in the general, but Trump….possibly.

You hear this stubborn conviction from a lot of Bernie supporters. By all means, if no Bernie supporters vote for Hillary, her chances are slim to none. That gives Bernie a tremendous amount of power.

Trump even said, “But Bernie has been treated very badly by the Democrats and Democratic Party. Frankly, he should run as an independent, I think.”

Sander’s team has rejected a third party run. Such a run would all but assure Trump the presidency. Unfortunately for Drumpf, the affection is not mutual. Sanders has said he would do whatever it takes to prevent Drunpf or any other republican from becoming¬†president.

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