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What do Democracy, Gyros and Income Inequality Have in Common?


The wide gap between the rich and the poor is nothing new. Ever since the peasants were lugging bricks across the desert for the Pharaoh, you could tell with once glance who has the bread. Just a small pocket of cultures throughout history, all being Anglo countries, could the common man achieve both power and wealth.

Every major Western scientific and artistic achievement could be traced back to the Greeks and Romans. Today, America reshapes the world both through conquest, like the Romans and with reason and laws, like the Greeks. In addition, every major Western civilization, even the Germans under Hitler, saw themselves in the Greek light. The ideals of the Ancient Greeks is what every society strives to unite.

Undoubtedly, the ancient Greeks sculpted how we think today, but which Greeks, exactly? Socrates, Aristotle, Virgil, Cicero are just some of the names. None of these men ever lifted a hand in labor. Everything we know of the past comes from the learned wealthy elite. The peasants and sailors and miners and chimney sweepers have no voice in the ballad of history.

What would Socrates’ thoughts be concerning the income gap of today? What the Greeks thought about power and class is no secret. Both Aristotle and Plato did not trust democracy. Instead, they both thought a city should be ruled by a wealthy oligarchy.

Just like in Ancient Rome, the American wealthy control politics. The cost of an elite fundraising political party could cost more than a million bucks, a sum 50 percent of Americans won’t see if they save up every cent they make their entire lives. At these hobnob parties the meals on each plate could cost a thousand bucks, a sum 80 percent of the world’s population makes in a year. Although Americans make up four percent of world’s population we consume 25% of it’s resources.


The Roman Empire was vanquished by financial exhaustion, caused by foreign wars and domestic corruption. Arguably, America is tumbling down that same route. Tax policies favoring the elite have been massacring this country since the eighties. Suddenly, those tax policies that allow the old and poor to live with dignity are being dismantled. The bottom fifty percent of the population is struggling pay check to pay check

Americans demand lower taxes! We are near the bottom of the list of highest taxes around the world. In 2014, a single childless American making $50,000 will pay 24.8% in taxes. The global average was 27.3%. A person in Belgium, for example, would fork over 42.3%. With so little money going back to our government, United States is forced to borrow $2 billion everyday (the statistic is different considering where you look, but it is about 2 billion) to keep the economy afloat.

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