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If Bernie was on the Ticket, Would you Love her then? | Progressive Network

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Bernie Sanders

If Bernie was on the Ticket, Would you Love her then?

When asked on CNN if Bernie was being considered for her number two spot, Hillary replied “That’s something down the road.”

Appointing Bernie as her VP is one way to quench the animosity circulating through the democratic party.

Hillary is in trouble. I don’t think anyone predicted this sort of disorder erupting in this election’s democratic primary. The bar-stool tossing, midget wrestling, Jaegger chugging antics have become common spectacles in Republican primaries.


Donald Trump’s spectacular and omnipotent presence is only proof of this. Trump’s jokes about competitor’s penis sizes might be funny in the locker room, but the republican voter base is loving it. Such a statement is more indicative of the republican voter than the crass republican nominee. Despite the glowing worship his supporters profess for Trump, these simple corn-dogs couldn’t tell you one single platform, except “He’ll make America great again.” He has gained his throne by acting brash and loud. The uglier and more offensive his comments – the more republican votes he gains.

Bernie Sanders has gained a similar following as Trump, but with intellect as opposed to loudness. He appeals to Millennials – a radically progressive generation.


A conservative pollster named Frank Luntz said that the Millennials are so liberal it should frighten political leaders. All but guaranteeing that elections for Republicans will get “progressively” more difficult.

In this election, things have gotten ugly in Democrat Land. Sanders’ supporters protested the Nevada Democratic Party convention rules, arguing that they favored Hillary. The protesters tossed chairs and even targeted the state party chairwoman with death threats.

Not your typical democratic hippie sit-in.


As Dylan sang, “The times, they are a-changing.” Just a few years ago, when the principals of Socialism and Progressivism were considered “commie jargon”, Sanders believed in them.

If Hillary does wind up getting the nomination, and that seems more likely everyday, how will she mend these scorched ties in her own party? Choosing Sanders as her running mate, might be the only shot she has.

Junior US Senator Jeff Merkley is the only member of the senate to endorse Sanders for president. He summed up the infatuation with Bernie Sanders perfectly in an interview with PBS.


But, here’s the thing. This is such an important conversation. Bernie is mobilizing the grassroots. He’s exciting the base because of his clear vision that America is very much off-track and has to change in substantial ways to address the challenges for working Americans.

If we’re going to help lead the world, we have to change direction and we have to change quickly to address this threat to our planet.

At this current stage in the elections, Hillary can point to one thing all democrats agree on. “What brings us together is Donald Trump.”

Please comment and tell me how you would feel about Hillary with Bernie as her VP.

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