The Only Coal Trump Will Get Will be on Christmas Morning

Sometimes when a person becomes idolized in our society, we expect the sun and the moon from them. Look at Donald Trump. He has managed to amass a tremendous fortune (though he won’t allow us to look at his tax returns), he is married to a beautiful woman (though she came from another country and married in to US citizenship), and he has become the Republican presidential nominee (though he and his family have voted democrat their entire lives). With a list of such notable achievements, the Republican voter expects YUUUUGGEE things from Trump.

Not to belittle the intelligence of his supporters, but most of these tasks they expect Trump to achieve could never happen. Imagine if some guy in a toga with sandals and a long beard, comes down from the mountain and says ‘if you vote for me, you’ll all wake up tomorrow with a million dollars under your pillow and your wife will be Ms. September and a brand new Porsche will be sitting in your driveway.’

If you really believe that, then of course you’ll vote for him. There is nothing different from how Trump is fooling his supporters.

A few days ago I wrote an article on each of Trump’s initial proclamations, that he’d build a wall at the border between America and Mexico and that he’d ban Muslims from entering our country. Apparently, that was all that a group of people needed to hear to swear allegiance to the Donald.

But neither of those things would ever happen. And even if Trump was able to live up to his promises, they would not achieve the desired goals. The wall for example, is to keep Mexicans from taking American jobs. But my article proved the real reason that these jobs are vanishing are because global economies are shifting. The industrial world has been crumbling for a long time.


Trump’s first campaign rally two days ago, after becoming the presumed Republican nominee was on Thursday night in West Virginia. More than 12,000 people were there. Punching the air with his fist, Trump promised the rowdy crowd,

“We’re going to put the miners back to work. We’re going to get those mines open!”

“How about Hillary Clinton? I was watching her three or four weeks ago.” The crows erupted in boos and hisses. According to Drumpf, Hillary wants to put miners out of work, but he wants to get them back to work.

“I’ve just always been fascinated by the mines,” the real estate mogul said, adding he’s also fascinated by the courage of miners and how they love what they do. “If I win, we’re going to bring those miners back. You’re going to be so proud of your president.”

After assuring the sea of unemployed miners how much Trump would help them if he got elected, he instructed the crowd how they could donate to his campaign.


This is just another Drumpf illusion of smoke and mirrors. The coal industry has long been in decline. Even the omnipotent Trump couldn’t save it.

All major coal producers have seen their stock plummet the last few years. Some have even declared bankruptcy.

The CME Group said just in May, that it would be canceling the Central Appalachian coal futures contract after December 2016, as a result of a lack of liquidity.

The reason is simple. It is more expensive and more harmful to the economy to use coal. Carbon emissions cause global warming. Nations around the world are using power generators to lower emissions.

Solar panels are another less expensive and less environmentally harmful way to produce energy. Unlike taking oil and natural gas from the earth, coal requires a lot of long and arduous man hours. That means production costs a lot. With the amount of debt coal companies are drowning in, it seems unlikely coal will ever resurface.

Which is odd because according to Trump, if people vote for him they’ll get their coal jobs back.


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