Donald Trump

Why Democrats Shouldn’t Underestimate Trump

Remember the last party that wrote off the Donald? Democrats should maybe, just maybe, try a different approach with Drumpf than the GOP.

Donald Trump is the GOP now and he’s playing his game already. Anyone with access to a TV or friends already knows he’s a sexist. Whoever the Democrats nominate (and, ultimately their staff) has to realize that roughly 11 million Republican voters have voiced their views so far, and it seems that sexism isn’t bothering them all that much. When Hillary Clinton and her staff think that highlighting Trump’s overt and disgusting sexist sentiments are putting out the bigoted media storm that is Donald Trump, they’re failing to realize that man is a natural counter-puncher playing to his base. When Hillary says women, the tangerine says “Bill.” It’s like a fart, or a sneeze. Do I think it’s acceptable? No, but that doesn’t change what actually goes on in the thick of a campaign and this early, its already starting.

Just take a look at the interview Trump did with ABC News: This Week above. In the course of 20 minutes, Trump name-dropped Bill Clinton when defending his own sexism what seemed to be nearly a dozen times, at least. For independents and conservatives, this is a bell ticking some Pavlovian response to their hatred of the Clinton mantra. It didn’t take too long for his supporters to scream “Lyin’ Ted” to the candidate himself. It won’t take long to repeat however he brands the former Secretary of State. Trump, in his defense, claimed that Bill Clinton has the worst history with women in politics. Is it true? No. Has that mattered this campaign season yet? Nope.

If we play his game, he wins. We CANNOT underestimate a man who will have more primary votes than W (2 terms btw), defeated 17 other elected officials and party figures, and has defied the odds of his mouth before. We have to play OUR game. We have to focus on issues that will improve voters’ lives. If we get down in the mud or rely on identity politics, we are not doing voters justice (and we just may lose to the most dangerous orange in the grove).

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