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Hispanics and Muslims, Remember Those Who Endorse Trump are Endorsing His Comments About You

What does that say about the Republican party, when it endorses a figure who speaks such racial hatred about minorities?

If you are bothered by what The Donald says about other human beings, then just look the other way and don’t support him. But what happens when the entire Republican party gets behind that same divisive nominee! If you are a Muslim or a Hispanic, what does that say about how Republicans feel about you and your mother?


Last election, right after Romney had his ass handed to him, the very next day the one conviction that the GOP made was to improve their relationship with minorities. With the crowning of The Donald, apparently they forgot about this. Besides David Duke, The Donald could be the WORST nominee for minorities of the past few decades.

In 2014, according to the US Census Bureau, there were 55 million Hispanics in America, or 17.4% of the population. When Paul Ryan endorses The Donald, he will be thumbing his nose at almost 20% of the population. Likewise, his endorsement will also castigate the 3.3 million Muslims in the country. That is an extra demographic to worry about, after Trump decided to ban them from entering our country.


According to the news going on right now, it seems that Paul Ryan and The Donald have decided to cast aside whatever differences they might have for the good of the GOP. This middle school playground reconciliation reminded me of that of Trump and Megan Kelly. Remember how mad they were at each other? And then, as soon as Rupert Murdoch smashed the gong, they made up. Just like Paul Ryan, the make up occurred in a “closed door meeting”. Like they are following this script.

In Ryan’s defense, he has no choice but to make peace with Trump. Regardless of his disgust with some of Trump’s comments, if the Republican Speaker of the House remains at odds with the Republican presidential nominee (possibly the next president), life would be very awkward for every republican.

Paul Ryan, just a couple of days ago, said that Trump’s ban on Muslims was not a conservative belief. Today though, Paul Ryan said that there are some core principles they both share.

I bet you could guess what these praiseworthy conservative principles are.

Their love of the constitution as well their devotion to the separation of powers between each branch of government.


Paul Ryan also said how “encouraged” he was with what The Donald had to say. If I was a Muslim or a Hispanic, I would be curious as to which of Trump’s immigration ideas Paul Ryan was so “encouraged” with.


Good for the Republican party. Unity is the bedrock of any thriving political movement. United we stand, divided we fall. Regardless of the message, if a party is not unified they are nothing.

As Trump’s republican support base grows, the Elephant takes on a different appearance. By endorsing someone with such radical hatred, the Republicans are making a deafening statement, transforming the party into something entirely different. With Trump and his racial rhetoric at the helm, where will he direct the party?

When it is time for reelection, all GOP leaders will be skating on thin ice, after endorsing Trump.

The light of unity is so strong, it can reveal the entire galaxy. Unity would reveal everything, even the dirt and the sludge on the sides of the gutter.

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