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As the Republican Civil War Begins to Brew | Progressive Network

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Donald Trump

As the Republican Civil War Begins to Brew

I was confident last night at about 11:30 that in twelve hours, after the Sunday news shows had finished, Trump would do something I could write an article about.

I was right.

In an interview on “Meet the Press” this morning, Trump said that he would consider removing Representative Paul D. Ryan as chairman of the Republican National Convention if Trump didn’t get his endorsement.


In this endless sea of middle school bantering, Trump only said that in response to Paul Ryan’s bombshell announcement that he was not ready to endorse Trump.

The battle lines are being drawn and the Republican party is about to explode in one hell of a fight. On this side stands Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, George Bush Sr. and Junior, Mitt Romney and Lindsay Graham. Some of these politicians have remained silent on endorsing Trump, while others have publicly refused to ever vote for Trump.

And on this side, the former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and former VP Dick Cheney. If the list was not just politicians, Palin and Cheney would be joined with Dennis Rodman, Mike Tyson and John Rocker. Which team would you put your money on?


But without them, the pro Trump team is kind of weak. However, Palin has always been a little feisty. Even this morning, she vowed on “State of the Union” to help defeat Paul Ryan by backing his opponent in Wisconsin. Palin wears her Make American Great Again hat with pride. She is a devoted Trump supporter. She became furious when she heard of Ryan’s denouncement of Trump.

“His political career is over but for a miracle because he has so disrespected the will of the people, and as the leader of the GOP, the convention, certainly he is to remain neutral, and for him to already come out and say who he will not support is not a wise decision of his.”

Palin went on to speculate that Ryan’s refusal to back Donald Trump was uttered out of his will to seek the presidency in 2020. According to Palin, Ryan’s chances of winning the presidency in 2020 would be better if Trump lost in 2016.


When asked about the Republican Party on ABC’s “This Week”, Trump nonchalantly asked,

“Does it have to be unified? I’m very different than everybody else, perhaps, that’s ever run for office. I actually don’t think so. I think it would be better if it were unified, I think it would be — there would be something good about it. But I don’t think it actually has to be unified in the traditional sense.”

I’m sure most Democrats would agree with the Donald.


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