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Similarities Between Trump Supporters and KKK Members | Progressive Network

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Donald Trump

Similarities Between Trump Supporters and KKK Members

The Donald has certainly unified whole portions of America that a year ago would have nothing in common. Who would have thought Dick Cheney and Matthew Heimbach or Karl Rove and David Duke or Newt Gingrich and William Johnson would be supporting the same guy come election time?

I’m sure you recognized the first name of each of those pairs, but the second names? One is the Grand Dragon, another is a white supremacist and the other is the white nationalist who beat up a black lady at a Trump rally.


There is a reason that Trump’s message excites so many klansmen. For starters, Trump’s message eerily echoes the Ku Klux Klan from the twenties.

In 1915, William J. Simmons created a new Ku Klux Klan. He yearned to return to the previous Reconstruction Klan (1866-1871). He wanted to make “the KKK great again.” His vision of the Klan would save a nation in peril, at risk of losing its virtuous identity. Back in those days, the Klan had a lot to be pissed about. Thousands of immigrants arrived on our shores every day, plus the defeat of the Civil War was still a prevalent dinner conversation at Klan meetings.


Just as Trump’s top priority is immigration, the KKK back in those days supported legislation to restrict immigration only to countries with Anglo Saxon or Scandinavian roots.

In fact, David Duke has openly endorsed Trump. It took Trump a few days, to say that he rejects hate groups.

I’m not insinuating that everyone who likes Trump is racist. But people who like Trump and racists have something in common. White separatists do not like what has happened to our country over the past decade. The LGBT equality movement, the wave of Hispanics pouring into our country, and our black president, are all things that justify the meth and whisky bottles in those KKK communities.


Lots of the white supremacists feel that racial diversity will lead to a “white genocide”. This is another reason why some Trump supporters like Trump’s wall idea so much. They fear that the constant immigrants coming into our country will make the whites a minority in just a few blinks of an eye.

Robert Whitaker is an especially angry white supremacist. He was trying to promote his candidacy for President on the white nationalist American Freedom party ticket. He even sold his bumper sticker to a few people.

Unfortunately for Robert, his own party is giving him a fat thumbs down and instead is promoting the Donald.


It has been a long time since a president has wanted to ban certain ethnic groups from entering our country. White Nationalists eat this stuff up. If you attend a Trump rally during his campaign, don’t be shocked if someone in a robe asks you to hold a burning cross.



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