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Mexico Launches Massive Campaign To Fight Trump and Help Democrats | Progressive Network

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Donald Trump

Mexico Launches Massive Campaign To Fight Trump and Help Democrats

Naturalization advocates have been working overtime, helping people become citizens in time to vote for the November election. In fact, the number of applications to become US citizens is at its highest in four years.

Still, fear of a Trump presidency, with soldiers busting into homes and tearing apart families and sending some members to the other side of the border, instills such fright and hatred in Hispanics, the largest demographic in the country.


In a USA Today article Gloria Gomez, who was born in Colombia, said right after gaining her citizenship,

“That’s why I became a citizen. I’m interested in voting so that Donald Trump doesn’t become president.”

It is hard to imagine Trump’s celestial rise through the stars, without his discriminatory comments about Hispanics and Muslims. Naturalization applications soared 14% compared to the same six months in 2015. And even 8% more than the 2012 elections, according to government statistics. Another noticeable difference between this and last election, is the higher participation and excitement with Hispanics.


The Mexican government will not take Trump’s malicious attacks lightly. According to the Miami Herald, the Mexican government is launching this U.S. public relations campaign in early June aimed at setting Trump in his place. In addition, a group of wealthy Mexicans created American Mexico Public Affairs Committee, an organization similar to AIPAC, the pro-Israel group.

Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto, has even hired a public relations firm to sculpt an effective PR strategy in the US. Expect to see and hear constant messages reminding every Hispanic and their fathers and their mailmen about Trump’s insidious words.


American mass media will be saturated with anti-Trump advertisements via Mexico.

The messages will deal with rectifying Trump’s bogus statements accusing Hispanics of being “rapists” and “bad people”, with real figures from reliable US sources that state, “Mexican immigrants generate $17 billion annually,” alongside a chart with Pew Research Center figures showing the details.

To contest Trump’s statement that Mexico is “killing us” in trade, the group contends, “40% of the content of Mexican exports to the U.S. was originally manufactured in the United States”.


Another fact that the group will brainwash into our living rooms is that U.S. exports to Mexico are twice as much as to China. Mexico is one of the top three exports for 33 U.S. states.

Perhaps Trump’s disgusting comments gained support with a few shit-kickers, but the damage these comments have brought upon his own campaign is devastating.

Remember the day after Romney lost, the only problem that the GOP saw was an identity issue with the Hispanics. The GOP assured Americans that come next election, the GOP and the Hispanics would be like biscuits and gravy. Thanks to Trump, the relationship between Republicans and the largest ethnic demographic in America is much worse than it was four years ago.





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