Voter Suppression: Election Fraud in New York and a Possible Clinton Money Trail (Video)

We have all been watching this election closer than those of the past, and are increasingly outraged by allegations of voter suppression and fraud. That frustration is primarily caused by our two party system which has throughout it’s history continuously attempted to mute alternative political parties’ ability to influence government.  Now we have a political movement that is gaining power and attention (maybe not by mainstream media) and is focused on fundamental political change which our government desperately needs.

The most basic progressive change we can demand is better voting accessibility and oversight. Voter suppression cannot be obliged or go unchallenged. Access and accountability should not be too much to ask from a country which acts like a pushy salesman intent on implementing democratic governments around the world.

So if you find yourself getting increasingly angry with the talking heads on the TV (supposed journalists we all know are more like corporate/political shills) never fear for you are not alone and there is hope. It is important to remember that what is happening is a revolution within the supposed “most powerful and amazing country in the world”, which means we have a real fight ahead. The first and most difficult step is admitting we have a problem. So far we have a very large portion of the greater US population ready to finally admit our political system is broken. The next step is mobilizing those people for progressive political change.

Below is a video, provided by Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp, about the issues the New York primary has experienced and some interesting connections to the HRC campaign. Enjoy/ don’t break your computer screen out of frustration, and remember that your voice can make a difference.

Join a group, follow a page, just do something to get involved in the political system at the local, state, and federal levels. It has always been important, but now we have a chance to join together and change the system rather than trying to work from within a system that does not promote change.

Thanks to RT for continuing to provide us with better journalistic integrity than their main stream counter parts. Check out their YouTube page for more great videos.


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