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Whats up With the Love Train Between Hate Groups and Donald?

‘America First’.

That is how The Donald described his approach to foreign policy. That seems like a no-brainer to me. What American doesn’t want America to be first?

Allow the man, the myth, The Donald to sum it up:

My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people, and American security, above all else. That will be the foundation of every decision that I will make. America First will be the major and overriding theme of my administration.


Trump is emulating the ‘America First’ campaign right before we got in to World War Two. History’s greatest pilot, Charles Lindbergh was the spokesman for this movement. He was also a Nazi.

At the time, ‘America First’ urged Americans not to enter the war. ‘America First’ was all about isolationism. Proponents argued that joining the war was futile. After all, England was on the verge of defeat. According to ‘America First’ council, including Nazi Lindbergh and proud anti-Semite Henry Ford, the only tangible solution was to draw up a treaty with Hitler.


Despite an anti-Semitic image problem, ‘America First’ became a huge organization, almost a million members (most of them from the mid-west). However, after Pearl Harbor, it was difficult to persuade Americans not to join the war. But it was not until spokesman Charles Lindbergh made his infamous speech in 1941 however, did ‘America First’ officially shut its doors.

He blamed the British and the Jewish races for the war,

Their greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government.


That was when the booing started. And before the speech ended, ‘America First’ was dead.

But now, The Donald has resurrected this fallen organization. ‘America First’ has been awoken.

A lot of support for The Donald is as a result of his desire to shake off our title as policeman of the world. In Trump World, where Trump presides as President and Global Emperor, Trump would demand our European and Asian allies that they start coughing up the bills if they want anymore of our security. What are we, chopped liver? The Donald’s plan is to just walk away, if they don’t want to pay.


Charles Koch, the head cheese in the Republican party, even called some of Trump’s proposals “reminiscent of Nazi Germany. I mean, that’s monstrous, as I said at the time.”

Later in that same interview, Charles Koch said that “its possible” another Clinton in the White House would be better than The Donald.

WOW! That is bad for the Republican nominee, if he can’t even get Charles Koch’s vote!

A Jewish reporter for GQ wrote an article that Trump’s daughter said was unfair. Suddenly, a wave of anti-Semitic comments and death threats flooded the reporter’s email.


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Donald Trump if he would denounce the hate group’s messages to the reporter. Instead, The Donald blamed the reporter.

I don’t have a message to the fans. A woman wrote a article that was inaccurate.

With that reply, a new emperor was born in the eyes of these far right hate groups. Every Neo-Nazi and Klansmen this side of the Mason-Dixon line was ecstatic about Trump’s victory.

On the Daily Stormer, a Neo-Nazi website, an article was published with the title, “Glorious Leader Donald Trump Refuses to Denounce Stormer Troll Army.”

Asked by the disgusting and evil Jewish parasite Wolf Blitzer to denounce the Stormer Troll Army, The Glorious Leader declined.

The Jew Wolf was attempting to Stump the Trump, bringing up stormer attacks on Jew terrorist Julia Ioffe. Trump responded to the request with “I have no message to the fans” which might as well have been “Hail Victory, Comrades!”


About a month ago, PBS Newshour did a segment on how passionate the Trump supporter is. They followed a family of Trump supporters as the volunteered for The Donald.

One lady that was interviewed, was making phone calls. One of her hands has this unique tattoo. It is an 88. Since H being the eighth letter of the alphabet, 88 signifies Heil Hitler.

Neo-Nazi websites are exploding with Trump comments. One marveled at the participants at a Trump rally.

He is getting white people excited for the first time in my memory. Look at the crowds when he gets the cameras to pan out. They’re huge (or should I say YUGE?) and almost 100% white. It is fantastic to see.

A few weeks ago, David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the KKK, told his radio audience that Jewish opposition to Donald Trump shows that Jews are the “real problem” and the “reason why America is not great.”

These comments came a day after Trump won the nomination. David Duke was happy. He called Trump’s win an “amazing victory.”


Don’t forgot the jaw dropping story of William Johnson a few days ago. The leader of the American Freedom Party, that promotes white nationalism, was chosen by Trump’s campaign to be one of his California state delegates.

Because of the clamor, eventually Johnson stepped down from his position. Initially, the Trump campaign denied that Johnson was a delegate. Eventually, they said his name had been chosen because of a “database error.”



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