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[126] Thank Activists For Death of TPP, Standing Rock Not Over, & Gov’t Filled With Parasites | Progressive Network

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[126] Thank Activists For Death of TPP, Standing Rock Not Over, & Gov’t Filled With Parasites

Published on Dec 9, 2016

The wealthy elites and CEOs on Wall Street, Big Pharma and the like will continue to suck us dry. Watch Redacted Tonight host Lee camp provide the dark, disturbing proof. Also, despite the total lack of news coverage, the TPP is no more thanks to the work of activists. And there’s been a heroic victory for those who stand for Standing Rock BUT there’s no time for the Water Protectors to sit down. In the second half of the show, correspondent Natalie McGill joins Lee at the desk to explain her strategy for ending police brutality in the wake of cop, Michael Slager’s, mistrial in the murder of unarmed black man Walter Scott. And finally, former Redacted correspondent Sam Sacks drops in to talk about a Colorado lawsuit that can help expose just how terrible the Electoral College really is. This and more on Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp.

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Source Material:

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The TPP is Dead

Judge Declares Mistrial in Michael Slager Case

Campaign Zero

Colorado presidential electors file lawsuit in effort to block Donald Trump

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