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You Can't Vote Them Out if You Can't Vote Them In; Follow Up Justice Democrats Critique Video | Progressive Network

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Criminal Justice Reform

You Can’t Vote Them Out if You Can’t Vote Them In; Follow Up Justice Democrats Critique Video

Published on Jan 26, 2017

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Video response to the most common comments on Young Turks/Secular Talk Justice Democrats Critique Video before I move on with a series to feature the voices of the alternative movement leadership who are coming together to forge a new path. If this feels true to you, join us. Below are resources for those new to election fraud issue and the video documentary series I did throughout the election to cover it in real time:
Summary Review & source list:…
Election Fraud petition outlining fraud in various states:
Election Fraud Blog with State to State Evidence:
Election Fraud Series:…
Great article about how ELECTION FRAUD – Not Voter Fraud is REAL DANGER & WHY:
Great link of Obama contradicting his own claims about Election Fraud in his OWN WORDS:…
Arizona Voter Registration Data Based HACK:…
20 States Voter Data Bases Breached:…
Many more sources in video descriptions of each topic related video

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