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Continuing Down the Path of Obama’s Sectarianism (Opinion)


The “Muslim Ban” (as the left media calls it) or Trump’s Executive Order (as the right media refers to it) has been all over the news and it’s time we weigh in from a Progressive standpoint.

First, this is just a move to appease his supporters but really doesn’t even scratch the surface to address terrorism. The rationale/justification is to stop terrorism on U.S. soil by preventing potential terrorists from even entering our borders. The perceived threat is not realistic and can be reduced to fear-mongering when you look at the facts. The San Bernardino shooters were Saudi and Pakistani. Saudi Arabia funded 9/11 hijackers and continue to fund ISIS and other Sunni terrorist groups. Pakistan has a tremendous Al Qaeda presence in recent years after the Taliban and Afghan Army pushed them out of Afghanistan and into Pakistan.

The Saudis with their massive amounts of $$$ (financing ISIS) and their Clerics who preach Sharia law which is taught in schools at a young age are the real breeders of terrorists. Yet we continue to kiss their behinds; same with the UAE. The only reason we’re even in Yemen is because they think the Houthis/ Zaidis (who are Shia, surprise surprise) are coming to get them. Yet we continue this Sectarianism and support in the bombing of hospitals and schools.

If we were really addressing terrorism, we’d hold Saudi Arabia and the UAE accountable. Again, if we have a stake in profits, we’re not saying a word. All about the $$$, this power move is for show and just displacing or tremendously inconveniencing millions of people. Our vetting process for Syrian refugees is at least a 3-year vet and rarely includes men. Out of the 10,000 refugees we have admitted, none have faced serious criminal charges.

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