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Democratic Party Co-Opts Efforts To Retake It: Word to Wise to Stop History Repeating

Published on Feb 6, 2017

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For 30 years, the Democratic Party Establishment has co-opted or neutralized EVERY last effort of the People trying to take the Party structure back from within. What you must know to stop history from repeating. And, beware, ANY organization that mimics establishment in tactics to silence those who offer LEGITIMATE critique.

Video documenting Election Fraud & Establishment concerns of Justice Dems. Please see this video’s description for a full and long list of source links that document everything discussed in this video. Please note, this is NOT defeatism. It is legitimate points that an organization of Good Faith would not smear as arming ‘enemy’.…
Kyle’s Enemies List Misrepresenting Issues People ACTUALLY have:…
To learn more about Election Fraud that occurred in the 2016 primary,

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