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From #BernieOrBust to #ProgressiveOrBust | Progressive Network

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Progressive Or Bust

From #BernieOrBust to #ProgressiveOrBust


By: Victor Tiffany   February 6, 2017  Op -Ed

There is a lot of justifiable anger toward the Party we are demanding reform of and ultimately control over and “busting” them if they do not by promising defeat when they run another neoliberal corporatist. Greens will argue we’re wasting our time, but we want to strengthen the Green Party unless another one with greater support comes along in next couple of years and runs a stronger candidates in 2018 and 2020. The revolution is not partisan; it’s ideological. Many people will refuse to work for a Democrat ever again, but that’s allowing anger to undermine the ONLY strategy that could compel the Democratic Party members to support the progressives in primaries.

Progressive Or Bust doesn’t mean you should not devote all your energy and resources to building a Third Party. It is a voting strategy. We should all continue building in our community with local groups. Work and build in the group(s) you choose; be it Green Party, Brand New Congress, Justice Democrats, Our Revolution, Black Lives Matter, Indivisible, Progressive Democrats of America, Young Democrats, Water Protectors, other Third Party and progressive groups or even your local DEC. If there is no group in your area that you want to work with than start to build one from the ground up. The point is to develop a multiparty voting strategy in an attempt to build progressives both inside and outside of the democratic party.

Standing with the neoliberals is arguably more dangerous than the sum of all regression short of nuclear war we will get from Trump. Clinton had advantages Trump did not, but as a double-crossing corporatist imposing international law, corporate law via “free-trade” agreements, the neoliberals pose a greater danger to our form of government. We should have no problem working with progressives regardless of the letter that follows their name. The neoliberals are a greater threat to democratic self-government than nationalistic fascism. We must change our voting habits and develop a voting strategy that in conducive to fighting neoliberalism in every way that we can.

#ProgressiveOrBust #ProgressiveOrBust2018 #ProgressiveOrBust2020


Victor Tiffany – Co creator of Bernie or Bust



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