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[133] Trump’s Arrival Met With Violence, World Bank Privatizing Seeds, CEO’s Richer Than Ever | Progressive Network

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Criminal Justice Reform

[133] Trump’s Arrival Met With Violence, World Bank Privatizing Seeds, CEO’s Richer Than Ever

Published on Jan 27, 2017

In this episode of Redacted Tonight, host Lee Camp covers the aftermath of Inauguration Day protests and the growing threat to peaceful protest rights emerging across the U.S. Lee shows how the felony charges some protesters face for property damage still don’t hold a candle to the corporate crimes against Americans. Later he discusses how the World Bank’s hard on for corporate seed company practices will screw over small farmers. Lee reveals top corporate companies’ lax attitude toward paying income tax and how Trump could hardly wait to put the screws to Standing Rock protesters. In the second half of the show, correspondent John F. O’Donnell shows what options government officials have to safely and securely blow the whistle on unethical dilemmas sure to emerge from this new administration. Finally, Naomi Karavani shows how politicians can’t seem to shake their insatiable thirst for private gifts in exchange for favors. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Source Material:

Update: Lawmakers in Ten States Have Proposed Legislation Criminalizing Peaceful Protest

Down on the Seed: The World Bank Enables Corporate Takeover of Seeds

Attention Federal Employees: If You See Something, Leak Something

Report: A Tale of Two Retirements

South Dakota lawmakers are showing us that populism is a lie\

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