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In Case You Do Not Remember | Progressive Network

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Barack Obama

In Case You Do Not Remember

In Case You Do Not Remember











In case you didn’t know or don’t remember:

FACTS. You only know what the MSM tell you?

They probably didn’t tell you these:

When we were hungry, Obama cut our food stamps.

When we were living in extreme poverty, Bill Clinton cut welfare and destroyed our safety net.

When our children fleeing violence in Honduras, Hillary Clinton told us they should be sent back “to send a message”. Our children were then slaughtered when they returned.

When we were migrant workers supporting our family, Obama deported us and 2.5 million other migrants.

When we were fleeing our country for a better life. Hillary voted for a wall and more border security to keep us out.

When our brothers who were unarmed black man were shot in the back, Obama ignored our family and used the DOJ to praise cops. Not put them behind bars.

When we wanted peace, Obama started three new wars.

When we needed help with our drug addiction, Bill Clinton threw us in jail by passing a crime bill that led to the largest prison population on Earth.

When we wanted the truth about our government, Obama prosecuted more whistle blowers than the last ten presidents combined.

When Israel stole and bombed our land, Obama gave them $40 Billion.

When we were working, Clinton passed NAFTA and millions lost our jobs.

When we were Democrats, we blindly followed and cheered all that they did.

No more…. This ends now.

Either they work for the people or they find a new job on K Street.




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