Dear Hillary Clinton and the establishment of the Democratic Party,

Dear Hillary Clinton and the establishment of the (un)Democratic Party,

This just isn’t working out…whatever this is. Maybe we just grew apart…it happens. I know that I tried. There were times when I thought…maybe we can work things out…maybe we can save us…but…I think we’ve been growing apart for some time. I wish I could say that it’s me and not you…but…yea…it’s definitely you.

We just want different things in life now…I am a Progressive and I embrace Democracy, economic justice, health care for all and honorable intentions…you are corporate liberals aka fake liberals aka neoliberals and you embrace corruption, rigged elections and fascist tendencies. The truth is…I just can’t bring myself to forgive you for cheating…on me…and on us. I just don’t take it very well when someone betrays my country, my people and Democratic government.

You slept with the enemy and you broke my heart. We both know that you always lacked a moral and ethical compass…but…I always thought that deep down you respected and valued the one that I provided in our relationship…I know now…that I was wrong. At the beginning of our relationship…I thought that what we had was real…I felt like maybe this would last. I was so naive.

I wish I didn’t feel this way and I wish I had never gotten to know the real you. All you do is bring me down. The truth is…I wish I never met you. The truth is…I’m just kind of disgusted by you now. The truth is…I can’t even remember what I saw in you in the first place. The truth is…you changed or were never who you pretended to be in the first place. The truth is…we both know…I can do much better than you. The truth is…we both know…I have always been better than you.

The truth is……….

I hope you feel the Bern some day

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