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Important Notice Needs Important Actions Today | Progressive Network

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Donald Trump

Important Notice Needs Important Actions Today

Important Notice Needs Important Actions Today

Why is saving Net Neutrality so important?

Net Neutrality prevents your internet service provider from blocking free speech based on their own political views.

For example, without Net Neutrality, if Comcast’s CEO decided he did not like football, they could block you from viewing to see your favorite team’s highlights.

Or, let’s say the CEO of Verizon decided he hated liberal viewpoints — Verizon could force you to pay extra to go to websites like MSNBC or Slate Magazine while giving you Fox News access for free.

* Note: the two examples above are hypothetical, not actual views held by the companies mentioned *

No beating around the bush here.

Trump’s FCC Chairman Ajit Pai – a former top Verizon lawyer – is moving forward with a vote on his plan to end net neutrality in just 72 hours, this Thursday, December 14th.

We’re hearing that key senators are considering taking action to slow down the Trump FCC’s assault on the internet.

Your senator, Sen. Rubio, is poised to be a key voice who could help stop Trump’s FCC from killing net neutrality – but he urgently needs to hear from more constituents like you to convince him to act.

Here are Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s Offices phone numbers.  Call all of them as many times as you can.  Remember that Rubio is against the American People and it will take an army  of people to get him to do the right thing.

Washington, D.C. Office:                             Phone: 202-224-3041

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 Office:    Phone: 561-775-3360

Tallahassee, FL 32399 Office:                      Phone: 850-599-9100

Pensacola, FL 32502 Office:                         Phone: 850-433-2603

Doral, FL 33166 Office:                                   Phone: 305-418-8553

Jacksonville, FL 32202 Office:                     Phone: 904-354-4300

Orlando, FL 32801 Office:                             Phone: 407-254-2573


Washington, D.C. Webmail

Washington, D.C. Website

General Website


In case you do not live in Florida and want to find your Representative, go to: and type in your Representative’s name or your ZIP Code to find him/her.  The go to “Bio” and that will bring up their contact information.  Every call will help save the Internet.

Make those Calls Today

Thank You

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