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Open Letter to Bill Nelson - February 26-2018 | Progressive Network

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Open Letter to Bill Nelson – February 26-2018

Senator Bill Nelson

I am writing to you about the Social Security Raise that we got this year and a few other things.  After what I said in this letter my guess is that you will not read the whole letter or not help and make changes to the lifestyle of the American People.  If you reply to me I would be really shocked me but would really appreciate it.  Just to let you know that I am putting this letter up online so other people will be educated on these subjects.

Congress job, which includes you, is to make sure that Senior Citizens and working people of America have a livable income.  Congress completely ignores Senior Citizens and working people of America only to satisfy their donors, you included.  That is why there are so many Homeless People, so many sick people without healthcare, including our military families and veterans across the U.S.

According to the banks it takes one quarter of your income for rent to live on.  According to that standard:

  • The Average US Rent is $1234 Per Month
  • Rent Calculations is suppose to be one quarter of your income.
  • To make the rent by those calculations you need to make $4924 a month.
  • Working 40 hours per week wages should comes to $30.77 per hour
  • The Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25 per hour.

People are fighting for $15 per hour when they should be fighting for $31 per hour.  The government refuses to raise the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, so why?  The simple answer is that they are listening to their donors, the corporations because the working people cannot afford to give money to the members of congress.  This is exactly why congress will not raise the minimum wage or change any other laws such as banning assault weapons.

All of the above has to do with my Social Security Raise which is $26 per month.

I got an Social Security Increase of $26 per month but I have lost $42 per month income which is $504 per year of income decrease because of the Social Security Increase.  Now I am worst off with the raise.  This is not suppose to happen.

In February of 2014 my wife and I moved into our new apartment which is a government subsidized over 55+ community.  Our rent was $819 per month in 2014.  My Social Security Income was $1,262 per month for that year.

In 2015 my rent went from $819 to $833 per month, a $14 increase. My Social Security Income went from $1,262 to $1,284 per month, a $22 increase.  That was a total of $6 increase but food prices went up approximately 15% or higher and my Food Stamps got cut.

In 2016 my rent went from $833 to $890 per month $57 increase.  My Social Security Income went from $1,284 to $1,284 per month a zero increase.  They again cut my Food Stamps.

In 2017 my rent went from $890 to $953 per month, a $63 increase.  My Social Security Income went from $1,284 to $1,287 per month, $3 increase. This time they raised my Food Stamps back up to $57 per month.

In 2018 as of now my rent is still $953 per month, so far no increase which can be changed with this very stupid contract that the State of Florida has signed to get supposedly to get Low-Income Housing .  Our rent can go up at anytime even with a contact.  My Social Security Income went to $1,313 per month.

  • In 2015 my Social Security Increase was $22 per month. My rent Increase $14 per month.
  • In 2016 my Social Security Increase was $0 per month. My rent increase was $57 per month.
  • In 2017 my Social Security Increase was $3 per month.  My rent increase was $63 per month.
  • In 2018 my Social Security Increase was $26 per month. As of February 2018 no rent increase but my Food Stamps went from $57 per month down to $15 per month, $42 a month lost of revenue.

This part sounds good, ” In 2018 my Social Security Increase was $26 per month.  As of February 2018 no rent increase.”.  Problem is I am losing $42 per month because my Food Stamps were cut from $57 per month to $15 per month.  That is a lost of $504 per year which really hurts.  On a special note, I don’t remember the year but I was getting $107 per month and over the years they kept cutting Food Stamps and now I am down to $15 per month which is pathetic compared to Social Security Income which is about $3,000 per  month short of a livable income which is the purpose of the Social Security Income in the first place.  Congress has failed all senior citizens and the people that has a disability.

Now look at what the Rent Calculations is suppose to be one quarter of your income.  This is used by the banks for loans and other financial institutions such as government agencies.

  • The Average US Rent is $1234 Per Month.
  • To make the rent by those calculations you need to make $4,924 a month.
  • Working 40 hours per week wages should comes to $30.77 per hour.
  • The Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25 per hour.
  • Poverty Level should be $59,088 or anyone who makes $4,924 or less. Right now the poverty level is divided up into different thresholds which is ridicules.    The poverty levels are so low that it is impossible to have a roof over your head on what Social Security is paying and there is suppose to be a guarantee of living in comfort living on Social Security.

 Poverty Levels

From the Department of Education

  • 48 States & DC $16,460.00
  • Alaska $20,580.00
  • Hawaii $18,930.00

Congress, is supposed to be our representatives, are not doing their job and making sure that Social Security has a livable wage for seniors and for the people with disabilities.  They also will not raise the minimum wage even to $15 per hour when it should be almost $31 per hour.  So let’s reduce the Federal Government Representatives, that is congress, wages to the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour instead of their $174,000 per year salary which they complain about that they cannot live on. So how can you expect someone to live on tops $18,930 per year our state representatives can’t live on $174,000 per year?

  • Miami-Dade County is the third least affordable housing market in the nation, with 51.3 percent cost burdened households, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. People are considered “cost burdened” when more than 30 percent of their gross income goes toward housing. Source:
  • Here in Miami the average rent is $2,200 per month or higher. I have been pricing the rent in the area where I live.  A small one room shared places are starting at $500+ per month in an unsafe environment here in Miami.
  • My Social Security Income from 2014 to 2018 was increased by $300. The $300 is all I received and an increased to my income for four years.  How pathetic is that? My rent increase was $1608.  That is a $1,308 shortfall.  That is not counting that Electric doubled and Food went up 50% between that time.  What has congress been doing over the years besides fighting between themselves and trying to divide the country?  Congress was bad before Obama took office and since then even has gotten worst, congress a 4% approval rating.  Are they trying to reach a perfect 100% disapproval rating?  It sure looks like.  The last nine years approval rating of Congress has been the lowest in the history of our government  ever….
  • Congress is always trying to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, but congress never tries to cut the Congress Healthcare Insurance, Congress’s Salary, their free meals at the Whitehouse, or even try to work a full 40 hour week to earn their salary. In fact that they don’t even read the material in a bill before they vote on it so how pathetic is that?  Very pathetic…
  • Cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are a no-brainer, No Cuts Period. They all needs to be expanded.  There are way too many Republicans and Democrats that have voted to cut these programs and they should be removed from office period.
  • If congress want to cut some of these programs down then they should raise Social Security to a minimum of $5,000 per month so the people on Food Stamps, Subsidized Housing, Transportation Passes, Cash and any other program so people on Social Security would not need those programs period.

So can you tell me just how this $26 per month Social Security Raise has helped?  What are you going to do about it? The laws need changing so this does not happen at all.  Livable wages for Social Security need to be expanded by $3,000 per month so people can live like Social Security was meant to be and not having to sign up for multiple programs and still come up short.  This is like begging for food when you have sign up for program after program just to live on……

It won’t be long before I am one of the people living out on the streets if there is not something done about expanding Social Security this year.  I will not be the only one since expenses out do the incomes.  It don’t take a genius to figure this out.

Pay Attention Bill Nelson

About ten years ago I contacted your office to help you get elected to office.  I tried a few times and could not get anyone to get back to me at all.  At this time I was not on the Internet like am today so I could only vote for you.  I did however get plenty of E-Mails asking for money.  After the election 2006 Election in which you got 60% of the votes and I heard just about nothing from you.

Then your next election came up and I tried again.  This time I again contacted your office and did not get a response.  My guess is that since I am very outspoken that you or your office classified me as a nut case.  I still voted for you because of the choices that we had.  I did however get the E-Mails asking for money.  Since I was on Disability and could not send in any money maybe that is why your office dismissed me.  This 2012 Election you got 55% of the votes.  Right here should have been a wakeup call that you were starting to fail the people that you were representing.  So now you are supporting the donors instead of the people that put you in office.  So pathetic for not fixing the potential problem.

Now the 2018 Election is coming up and you are totally “F$$k” this time around.  I will not be supporting you.  This most likely be your last election because you would not listen to the people that elected you and maybe too late to change that.  I know that it’s too late for me to change my mind.  I am totally disgusted with empty words.

What really did it for me was the fact that you voted not to shut the government down about  January 18th or so when the Republicans would not pass DACA, and would not fund the government for a full year, tying Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security cuts to the so called Budget Deal.  This is not the only time you did not do the right thing for the people that elected you.  Stupid things like this is why people are disgusted with you and you poll number prove that.  Even the scumbag Rick Scott leads you by 10 points which is very disgusting.  Right now looks like Rick Scott will be our next Senator unless something really changes.

During that Government Shutdown the Democrats could have gotten:
A full Budget for the year instead of two weeks,

  • The DACA
  • CHIP
  • Medicare for all
  • Education Funding
  • VA Funding
  • No Drilling in any Oceans
  • VA Funding
  • Expanded Social Security
  • and more

if they would have stuck with the program and shut down the government until all was met.  All of these is what the American People really want.  All the Polls show that the American People support all of the above list by 60% to 70%.  The only people that don’t support this list are the corporations that benefit from letting the American People get sick, kick out the Dreamers, let people starve, keep people stupid, cut aid to our veterans, and turn our oceans black.  The Corporations save money this way but in the long term it will destroy them along with the U.S.

This a$$hole of a President is destroying the Farming Industry where  now there aren’t enough people to pick the crops so the crops will rot in the fields.  People are not coming to the U.S. which will hurt the Airline Industry,  Hotel Industry, Restaurant Industry, Car Rental Industry and more.  The Donors has paid off the Republicans and the Democrats to get Tax Cuts to put more money in pockets.  The downside is that takes money away from people eating, people getting an education, people driving on safe streets and bridges, people getting proper healthcare, and much more.  These policies from the a$$hole is going to put a lot of people out of work which will lower the taxes paid to support the government.  Just how much money will it take for a person to be satisfied?

Senator Bill Nelson, did you ever try to get Money Out of Politics or did you ever try to put a stop the corruption in our government?  I have not seen it.  Does this mean that you are benefiting from the corruption and the Money in Politics?  Since you have not done anything about it I guess you have benefited.  After all you made 3.4 million dollars last year on a $174,000 salary.  That is why your poll numbers are down and this maybe your last year in office.

While speaking of corruption, what have you done about James Clapper lying to congress which is a criminal offense, why haven’t you done anything about Hillary Clinton break the law even with James Comey saying in public “If Hillary Clinton was anyone else she would be in jail”, or the fact that GW Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld committed War Crimes and with Obama administration with Chelsea Manning.  Donald Trump has been profiting off of the President’s Office which is against the law.  Donald Trump has multiple sexual misconduct case against him and you have done absolutely nothing.  He also has admitted to them so why is Trump and these people getting Free Out of Jail Passes?  It’s because of you and the rest of the corrupt congress care about your donors instead of the people that elected you.   The laws needs to enforced on everyone especially anyone within our government.  Lying to the public is totally unacceptable and if not but should be a crime.  Trump has only 5% truth coming out of his mouth every time he speaks.  He should be prosecuted for that alone.

Then you have Secret Prisons and some not so Secret like Guantanamo which was ordered to be closed by Obama the  first year as President of the U.S.  This was and has been a law since about 2010 or before.  This is another law that was and is ignored.  What have you done about that? That brings up another law that is being ignored, you know the one, Everyone is entitled to a fair trial.  That would be laughable if we actually had fair trails in the U.S.  The corruption in the Justice System has been ignored for over fifty years and the blame goes directly to our U.S. Congress who are supposedly be Men of Horner.  The 115th, 114th, 113th and the 112th Congress are the blame for this since Mitch McConnell said ‘my number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president.’   That statement was the beginning of an “Organized Crime Gang” and should all be labeled as a Terrorist Group.

Since then there has been nothing but media manipulation, lies, deceit, Deception, double-dealing, fraud, trickery, treachery and more from our government, which is the U.S. Congress.  The U.S. Congress is suppose to be a high standard of moral principles.  In our government all disappeared and with no accountability.  This is why our congress has had a favorable rating or 4% and 5% over the past eight years.  These has been the worst congresses in the history of the U.S. Government and you are part of them.

Besides Congress not doing your job you have Money in Politics buying our representatives, Corporations bought Congress, a Corrupt President’s Administration all working against the American People.

Other issues that needs to be paid attention to which this Administration is turning over to corporations are:

  • Save Net Neutrality
  • No law should be made to punish any Protesters from any state or government.
  • No Surveillance without the proper Court Order and all in violations should be put in jail immediately.
  • All Money in all governments must be accounted for. No hidden money and money cannot be shifted from one agency to another.
  • All laws must be voted on each merit only. No add-ons just to get a bad bill past.

Puerto Rico

The U.S. is a disgrace when it come to Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico is a Territory of the U.S. and we are not supporting it during a National Disaster.  Supporting Puerto Rico should be first on the list to help the citizens of Puerto Rico.  With this so-called President saying the stuff about and denying Puerto Rico help should be Treasonous and he, Donald Trump, should be put in jail immediately.  With all the evidence against Trump why is he still our So-Called President?  Why haven’t Congress and you done your job?  this guy is totally unfit to be in office period.

 Tax Giveaways

Tax Giveaways like what the city mayors are offering Amazon for locating their second office in their city is nothing but Government Corruption.  These Tax Giveaways should be illegal for every state in the U.S. Taxpayers are the losers here and the large corporations make out big time.  This is nothing but corruption.  This topic is not brought up enough and it should be so it will be eliminated.  This way corporations will have to decide on what is best for them and not at Taxpayer’s Expense.  Also keep in mind that the corporations always inflate the numbers which even short the Taxpayer again.   It is time for you and the rest of congress do something about corruption.  After all that is what you are getting paid to do.

Here are just some of the things that you need to make happen:

  • Demilitarize The Police
  • End Assault Weapons
  • End Mis-Information in the Media (Fake News)
  • End Police Brutality
  • End the War on Drugs
  • Expand Social Security
  • Free/Affordable Public College
  • Overturn Citizens United
  • Raise Taxes On The 1%
  • Raise the Minimum Wage to $15
  • Rebuild Our Crumbling Infrastructure
  • Stop Endless Military Spending
  • Transform Our Energy System
  • Universal Health Care
  • More

Let’s see you do something about these issues instead of giving us Lip Service.  If you finish this letter then Thank You for your time.  If you return a reply then thank you again but I really don’t believe you will because you are a typical politician who don’t care what we say.  Prove me wrong, I dare you…..

Thank You

One of Your Ex-Supporters

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