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Remembering Back To 2016 | Progressive Network

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Bernie Sanders

Remembering Back To 2016

Dear Friends

Below was written by Harvey Lewis.  Remembering back to 2016 is very important.  I think it should be shared so people can actually do some research before the next election so they know who they should vote for before actually voting.  This is something to think about.  Please read and share.  Thank You.



Funny … BS is running FOURTH in the polls for CA and his diehards seem to have a problem accepting reality?

Vote blue no matter who in 2020. You didn’t in 2016 and you got drumpf. Principles are meaningless when SCOTUS goes conservative and destroys your reality.…/california…

Harvey Lewis
Response to

Ed Rivas Comments

Some people like myself didn’t appreciate Hillary and the DNC stealing the Democratic Primaries from Bernie Sanders.

And they wouldn’t lower whatever principles they have to Vote for a Corporate Democrat like Hillary for stealing the Democratic Primary Election from Bernie.

Some realized the Facism in the form of the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement that Hillary and Obama had to offer.

They were also enlightened by the Wikileaks emails that revealed that Hillary chose Trump as a Pied Piper Candidate thinking that because he is so awful that, that would assure her a Victory in the General Election.

And it seems that you and the DNC will continue in that losing strategy by offering an incompetent candidate like Joe Biden, expecting us to vote for him by insulting us as your doing now, it didn’t work before and it won’t work this time.

If you want to steal the election again you will probably have the same result.

You can’t insult me to vote for a candidate that you choose for me.

If you didnt notice how the DNC and Hillary stole the election from Bernie, check this commentary as to How Hillary and the DNC stole the 2016 Primaries from Bernie Sanders:

the Legend of Lady Hillary’s
Amazing Win in Arizona?

Expected High Voter Turnout!

Establishment Solution:

Two Hundred Voter Poll Locations

CLOSED 140 Voter Poll Locations
Leaving Only 60 Poll Locations OPEN!

Hillary and the Establishment
Seems To Value OUR VOTE
as Much as They Value the VOTE
of the People in Haiti or the Honduras.

NOW, YOU Are Here For A Reason,
NOW, YOU Can Make A Difference,
NOW is NOT The Time to Procrastinate,
NOW is NOT The Time to Hesitate,
and Kick Any Apathy Out the Door!

YOU, Can Change the World By,
Joining US,
and Voting for Bernie Sanders,
and Voting for A New Congress,
For The Sake of US ALL,
A Real Change, NOW, This Year 2016!

That’s Right!
Don’t Stop Phone Banking!
No Matter Which State YOU Are In!
Experienced, Targeted, Phone Banking,
Is A Wonderful Ability,
That, YOU Can Take Advantage Of, NOW!

“Oh, No, Here We Go Again,
We Can’t Let the Genie
Out of the Bottle.
What Genie, Out of the Bottle, Boss?
That Guy with the Weird,
Old, Decrepit Ideas.
Hidden in Luke 4:18.

So, I AM Warning YOU
STOP Sleeping on YOUR JOB

or YOU Will Hear My Words,

Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes
What Hillary Clinton Really Represents
Telesur English

We the People, and the Republic
We Must Reclaim: Larry Lessor
at TEDxMidwest

LIVE NOW – Bernie Sanders at
“Faith and Social Justice Roundtable ”
Brooklyn NY. (4-17-16) LIVE SATELLITE

The Power of the Many. The 99%
Doug Quinn

Bernie Brief – Income Inequality

Newly Surfaced Footage of Hillary Clinton Could Damage Her on Isis/Terror/Iraq
Maurice Lawrence

Clinton, Ryan Caught On Tape
On Medicare Cuts – The Young Turks

ALEC = Obvious and. Organized.Corruption
The Young Turks

ALEC Turns 40, But Who’s Behind It?
The Real News

The Investigators: ALEC – The Backroom
Where Laws Are Born BrendanKeefemmj

Bernie Sanders in Studio w/Ebro
in the Morning!!!

Bernie Sanders: The President is
Out of Touch (1/29/2008)
Catholics 4Bernie

“How to Hack An Election”
Andres Sepulveda – Rigged Elections…/2016-how-to-hack-an-election/

Five Ways the Arizona Primaries Were
Stolen #ArizonaWasStolen

Arizona Voter Suppression Anger!!!!!

Bernie Sanders and Arizona Voter

Happy Voting Day Arizona!
Look What I Got!

Bernie Sanders Lost Arizona Due to
Voter Suppression Tactics

Bernie Sanders Supporters In Upcoming
for YOUR State,
In MOST States,
NOT All States,

Are the AZ Primaries A Dress Rehearsal
For November?

Creator of the Bernie or Bust Pledge
Talks with Lee Camp & Much More

Without Me: Eminem:
(Slim Sanders Edition) Keith52Yo

Bernie Sanders Is A Beast
Bold Leadership

Deeply Moving Message
From Bernie Sanders

Now Is The Time (Bernie 2016)

From A Canadian – Bernie Sanders
African Americans and Latinos
I Beg You to Watch

Matthew Chapter 23 Version Below

Compare the Characters
Described In Matthew Chapter 23
To America’s Current Political Structure;
and YOU may Find:
There’s Nothing New Under the Sun!

Once Upon A Time – A Choice
Will YOU
Choose the Darkness or the Light?…

Hillary Clinton in Black History

Black Lives Matter Protesters
Fox 10 Phoenix

Bernie Sanders Forum Chicago
with Jesse Jackson (03-12-16)

Wake Up America!

“He Touched My Face”

Back By Popular Demand
#1 on the Charts
The Crystals
Featuring Bernie Sanders

“He’s the Boy I Love”

Canadian Says “America Wake Up
Bernie Sanders is YOUR Last Chance!”

Niko House Exposes Campaign Sabotage.In North Carolina Bernie Office

Imagine Bernie Being Elected
Dancing in the Streets by Sunny

Enough is Enough!
Part 1
Fox News Democratic Town Hall Meeting
Hillary Clinton – Senator Bernie Sanders
Monday, March 7, 2016 – 6pm et
Detroit, Michigan

Check Out the Town Hall Meeting

“An Informed Democracy
Will Behave In a Fashionable Way!”
Thomas Jefferson

Feeling the Bird!
The 99%
Frequently Updated
With New Information
Stay Tuned!
Share If YOU Care!
Thank YOU!


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