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Trump Accomplishments Letter By Jack Anderson

Below is something that Jack Anderson, whom I do not know, put together and I think you should at least read the whole letter about Trump’s Accomplishments.  I would also like to thank Jack Anderson for doing this.  Please read and share especially to Trump Supporters.


From a friend:

“Sometimes I hear “You hate Trump so much that you can’t be objective and look at all the good he’s done”
Quite frankly , I don’t hate anything, but I am looking and I just don’t see it.
For me, a white, middle class baby boomer, not much has changed since inauguration. I wasn’t suffering under Obama and neither was most of America.
I have all I need , I work, I pay taxes, get mad over prices, watch football on the weekends, travel, complain about traffic, go to concerts, bitch about a stagnant gridlocked government, drink too much , eat too much… you know, everything I’ve always done, since forever.
I’ll tell you what verifiable facts I have seen.
I’ve seen a significant rollback in environmental protections in order to benefit corporate interests and donors.
I’ve seen a broken promise to balance the federal budget ‘fairly quickly’.
I’ve seen ZERO new construction on a “wall” and ZERO payments from Mexico.
I’ve seen Trump silent and complicit as an American citizen was brutally tortured and murdered in Saudi Arabia.
I’ve seen the administration systematically roll back crucial protections for consumers benefiting corporate interests and donors.
I’ve seen a failure to allow individuals to fully deduct health insurance premium payments from their tax returns .
I’ve seen Trump publicly pledge to expand background checks only to back off after being admonished by the NRA.
I’ve seen no change in North Korea’s provocative moves towards our allies in the Pacific.
I’ve heard Trump call white nationalists and Nazi’s “Very fine people”.
I’ve seen the continued dismantling of the family farm and the proliferation of the corporate farming industry.
I’ve seen Trump stiff several cities for huge bills after hosting pro-Trump “pep rallies”.
I’ve seen a revolving door of KEY government personnel and cabinet positions.
I’ve heard repeated claims that Isis has been defeated only to be rebuked by pentagon and military officials.
I’ve seen Trump pose smiling, thumbs up, with an orphaned infant whose parents were killed by a domestic terrorist.
I’ve seen our tax dollars used for a Trump campaign rally on July 4th (no Democrats allowed).
I’ve seen Trump publicly call impoverished nations “shithole countries”.
I’ve seen over 200 visits to Trump golf courses in 2 years.
I’ve seen paper towels thrown at hurricane ravaged Americans in Puerto Rico.
I’ve seen the country pull out of an Iran deal without coming up with a new plan.
I’ve seen a man who doesn’t like dogs (DOGS!!!!)
I’ve heard Trump repeatedly accuse the state of New Hampshire of rigging the 2016 election without providing a shred of evidence.
I’ve seen Trump threaten to strip security clearances from his critics.
I’ve seen the 1% reduction in unemployment merely flood the job market with low paying or minimum wage jobs.
I’ve seen many key Trump advisors and staff carted off to jail or awaiting trial or sentencing.
I’ve seen a significant rollback in LGBTQ rights.
I’ve seen Trump’s friends and family appointed to key government positions.
I’ve seen repeated attempts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act
I’ve seen health care become less accessible and less affordable for millions.
I’ve seen a refusal to cooperate with an investigation into Russian meddling in our Democratic process.
I’ve seen a broken promise to release tax returns after the election.
I’ve seen Trump renege on a promise to divest from his business interests while in office.
I’ve seen the administration systematically roll back crucial protections for workers.
I’ve seen a significant rollback in women’s rights.
I’ve seen coal consumption down since 2016 and coal mine jobs essentially stagnate.
I’ve seen a broken promise to lower the costs of prescription drugs “within weeks”.
I’ve seen women and children tossed in cages like animals.
I’ve seen that manufacturers’ confidence plunged to the lowest levels in years.
I’ve seen Trump kick transgender service members out of the military.
I’ve seen a significant rollback in wildlife protection.
I’ve seen massive tax breaks to rich and big corporations, while doing nothing to benefit workers.
I’ve seen no “safe zone” established for Syrian refugees.
I’ve seen drastic cuts to both Medicare and Social Security.
I’ve seen no attempt to unite the country but many to divide it.
I’ve seen our government annually spend 10 times more per year at Trump properties since 2016.
I’ve seen a “Swamp drained” only to be filled with lobbyists and those with special interest.
I’ve seen a man publicly claim to “Love WikiLeaks”, then weeks later state “I don’t know anything about WikiLeaks.”
I’ve seen Trump state “I have great respect for women” while stating he’d be dating his daughter if they weren’t related.
I’ve read where Trump insists “flat chested women can’t be 10’s”.
I’ve heard Trump say “(it’s all) good as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass”.
I’ve seen Trump brag “I sorta get away with things like that” on bursting into Miss Universe pageant dressing rooms.
I’ve heard Trump justify photographers trying to take nude photos of the Duchess of Cambridge.
I’ve seen the man repeatedly encourage violence and fighting at his pep rallies.
I’ve seen a broken promise to break up America’s largest banks.
I’ve seen the economy and indicators trending in the same direction as the last 6 years of the Obama Administration.
I’ve seen a significant upswing in hate crimes.
I’ve seen an upswing in violence carried out by white nationalists or supporters.
I’ve seen a broken promise to invest $550 billion in Infrastructure.
I’ve seen no ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections.
I’ve seen a broken promise to sue his accusers of sexual misconduct.
I’ve seen a man go to jail for paying off a porn star Trump screwed while married to his pregnant wife.
I’ve seen no push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.
I’ve seen a broken promise to create targeted child care tax credits.
I’ve heard him complain about America only to demand those who also complain to “Go back to their own country”
I’ve seen Trump leave the Paris Climate Accord and deny climate change.
I’ve seen a broken promise to halt AT&T Time Warner Merger.
I’ve seen no attempt to eliminate payday lenders or other forms of predatory lending.
I’ve seen that consumer confidence fell to its lowest levels in years.
I’ve seen no attempt to renounce the support and endorsement of the KKK.
I’ve seen the gap between the richest Americans and everyone else has grown.
I’ve seen Trump publicly wonder where “global warming” went because it was cold that day.
I’ve seen the administration eliminate protections for student borrowers.
I’ve seen no ideas on how to establish a commission on radical Islam.
I’ve seen no action on a promise to investigate Hillary Clinton.
I’ve seen an administration that has provided us with “Alternative Facts”.
I’ve seen Trump praise the congressman who body-slammed a reporter.
I’ve seen a press secretary forced to lie about crowd size.
I’ve seen Trump invite, then disinvite a team to the Whitehouse after he declared war on black athletes.
I’ve seen him follow that up with a gourmet lunch of an hours old fast food “feast” for the NCAA Champs.
I’ve seen the longest government shutdown in American history.
I’ve seen 600+ immigrants carted off to jail with no punishment to the people that used them or facilitated their exploitation.
I’ve seen Trump call a murderous Russian Dictator more of a friend to the country than those that sit on the opposite side of the aisle.
I’ve seen the military ordered (at taxpayer expense) to hide a warship from sight because it was named after a political adversary.
So my question is this….
Where is this land of milk and lollipops you think Trump has created because I’m just not seeing it.
How has Trump actually made your life better? How has he made us “great”?
What has happened so profoundly that it’s worth being an international embarrassment?
Signed, a concerned Patriot
Jack Anderson”

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